The USPS Intelligent Mail Package Barcode Ruling

Postage Meters

Growing businesses require smart solutions to keep projects moving forward. Streamlining the mailing process is just one way smart companies improve productivity, saving money in the process. Digital postage meters make it easier with:

  • Streamlined designs to fit your office space.

  • Online services for added convenience.

  • Fast processing speeds to handle light or heavy mail volumes.

  • Built-in platforms to weigh mail quickly and accurately.

The Paperless Office: Estimated time of arrival, 2026

Ashley's Managed Print-AMP

Unfortunately for us, when Business Week introduced the term in 1975, the predicted ETA was 1985. Apparently, the paperless office is stuck in a space-time continuum that's forever just ten years away.

What's the Problem?

It's not really a problem in the traditional sense of the word. Paper is still relevant, and despite technological advances that put digital processes literally at our fingertips, we still like to read and process information on paper.

How Managed Print Helps Educational Institutions

Print Management, Educational Institutions

The education system has evolved a lot over the years, changing with each new generation and with advances in technology. Some changes are innovative and positive; some are simply necessary due to the changing times. Whatever the case, educational institutions are always looking for solutions to their day to day problems in and out of the classroom. Managed print services have proven itself to be one of those solutions, helping schools all over the country manage their printing costs and keep track of coursework.

FAQs: Postage Meters

Postage Meters

If a postage meter is something that you as a business person have realized a need for, it will be important to be able to understand and answer a few of these frequently asked questions.


Let's go through the mechanics of a postage meter to better understand all of the ins and outs. What does a postage meter typically contain, and what are the functions of those features?

Managed Print & Your IT Team

Managed Print

Many articles surrounding the subject of managed print services focus on the most obvious benefits:

  • organization - it's easier to know what is being printed, when it is being printed, and by whom.

  • savings - any unknown in a budget is expensive. Being able to monitor your printing means you can better control it and make adjustments where needed, whether that means reigning in a poster-happy employee or buying a more efficient printer.

Reduce Mailing Costs and Go Green with the Neopost IN-360 Series Postage Meter

Postage Meters

Did you know that Neopost postage meters are designed to save your organization time and money while also helping you go green? Read on to learn about the Neopost IN-360 Mailing System—a user-friendly postage meter designed to make mailing simpler, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly than ever.

Intelligent Scanning for Financial Institutions

Intelligent Scanning, Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, effectively managing documents and the information they contain is critical to success. Paper-based processes can slow everything down and put sensitive information at risk. Your customers demand superior service, including security protocols that keep their information safe while allowing fast access to the information they need.

Improve Office Productivity with Output Management

Output Management

Most organizations spend far more than they realize on document printing. Control what documents are produced in your organization, including how they're produced and when with Ashley's holistic approach to document production.

Optimizing your document production with Output Management can help your organization reduce costs, enhance security during printing, and improve business a variety of business processes. Read on to learn more.

Reduce Your Operating Costs With Managed Print

Managed Print

Do you have a printing policy in place for your staff members? For example, are there limits on print volumes or can employees print documents at will? Are there any restrictions on color printing, or do your staff members regularly print out emails, memos and other short-lived documents with expensive color?

The fact is, 95% of employees are free to print documents without any limits on volumes or color, and it costs businesses more than they realize.

Save Your Company Time and Money With Postage Meters

Postage Meters

More and more companies are choosing postage meters as a method to simplify their mailing process. Even small to medium businesses have discovered the cost savings that postage meters can deliver to their organization.

Why Not Just Go to the Post Office?

Handling your mail through the post office may be okay for companies that send only a few letters a day, but for most businesses, it's neither practical nor economical.

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