Software Workflow Solutions

To best serve our customers, we offer software workflow solutions to automate your document process that would normally monopolize your time. Our software workflow solutions can handle the entire lifecycle of your document getting you back to focusing on what really matters – running your business

Customized Solutions

Save valuable time and money by utilizing Ashley’s Business Solutions tailored services for your workflow software needs

Ashley's Software Workflow Solutions: Capture, Manage, Process & OutputDocument Management Software

Our software helps organizations make the transition from paper to digital effortless. This allows end-users to easily capture, archive, retrieve, edit, and process documents quickly. Document management can transform your current business by integrating with your multifunction copiers, reducing the need for physical storage, improving the security of your documents, and reducing your print costs.

Intelligent Scanning Software

Create job routing workflows that automatically scan and and route documents to the appropriate network folder, email address, and cloud-based application. Intelligent scanning software captures, converts, and routes digital documents while allowing end users to share hardcopy information securely with ease.

Accounting and Reporting Software

Track all aspects of end-user, group, or department activity with account codes. Use client matter numbers to bill back and report on activity with customizable cost centers built in. Businesses of any size can also manage, account and recover print, copy, fax and scan output via user login, PIN code or Proximity Card.

Output Management Software

Manage physical, digital, and hybrid mail depending on the combination that makes the most sense for your business and customers. Our intelligent document output management software helps you produce actionable, personalized, and secure communications using a simple, intuitive interface.

Enhance your customer’s experience with engaging, targeted, and timely documents sent according to their specifications. Accelerate the mail preparation process through its intelligent barcode technology. Documents intended for the same customer may be sorted or combined to enhance customer experience, reduce total postage spend, and allow for pre-sort discounts.

Mobile Services

Print from cloud-based applications so workers can collaborate with each other from different locations. Secure print jobs can be sent from any location to an email address so users in the office can log into the device with a PIN to release the job.

Scan directly to cloud services such as:

  • Google Drive 
  • Box
  • DropBox
  • Evernote
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Sharepoint Online
  • Therefore Online
  • SAP Concur

Forward faxes from the office to multiple email addresses instead of printed at the office.

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