Reduce Your Nonprofit's Print Costs With Managed Print Services

print tracking

As anyone who's worked behind the scenes for a nonprofit organization knows, keeping administrative costs low is critical. When back-office costs are allowed to spin out of control, the core mission of the non-profit organization can suffer.

Exceed Your Expectations With the Canon imagePRESS Series

Canon ImagePress

When was the last time one of your staff members was held up due to a bottleneck at the printer? If there's anything more maddening than finding out the print job just ahead of yours is on page 5 of 505, we're not sure what it is.

Three Wireless Printing Advantages You Can't Afford to Overlook

wireless laser printers

Wireless printing has become the office standard for both home and business use. The technology has improved rapidly, and the benefits are pretty clear.

For those who haven't had a chance to see the benefits of wireless printing for themselves or who perhaps wonder if the advantages are as great as they're cracked up to be, here's a brief list of the top three.

Is Your MFP Part of Your Business Technology Strategy?

multifunction printers

Every office is full of printers, but most business professionals' concerns about printing are limited to one question: Can I print what I need when I need it? This is understandable since printers serve a daily and crucial function in most offices. But the way to keep the answer to that question "yes" is through careful strategy and planning.

Is This the Machine Your Small Business Needs?

postage meters and mailing machines

Everyone loves a monotonous job, right? Well, no. Doing the same thing over and over and over isn't necessarily a career goal shared by many individuals. Now that you're a small business owner, living your dream of sharing your talent, you should be far beyond the tedium of repetitive, mindless work.

Meeting the Print Challenges of Financial Institutions

managed print, financial institutions

A recent case study involving one of the country's major financial institutions re-established the role Managed Print plays in reducing costs. Smaller financial institutions would do well to learn from their example.

What Are Your Print Challenges?

A Managed Print Services organization-wide assessment of your print infrastructure is how the process begins. Managed Print can provide the answers to these common problems.

Try Print Rules to Slash Your Printing Costs

print management

Many companies do everything they can to cut unnecessary expenses. They keep a watchful eye on operating costs like travel expenses, energy usage, and insurance.

One often overlooked expense is document printing. The reasons are varied:

Gain Insight With a Managed Print Assessment

Managed Print

Many business owners unknowingly overlook a prime opportunity to reduce operating expenses. Hidden printing costs can go undetected even while managers drastically reduce expenditures on more exposed areas like customer service departments and travel budgets.

Try Media Mail to Save Big When Shipping Books

Postage Meters, Educational Institutions

Fall means an increase in sales for all things school-related. For college students and universities alike, book purchases are an important part of the entire process. Read below to learn how to save a few bucks when buying and selling yours!

Why Pay More?

Provided you haven't waited until the last moment to place your order; there are ways to save some serious cash when it comes time to purchase your books for the upcoming school year.

Get More with Second Generation Print Management

Print Management

Is your company entering your second or third year of Print Management Services? While the first year of an MPS agreement delivers some astonishing benefits, second-generation services can extend beyond the basics to improved processes and productivity across your organization.

Get More From Managed Print

Maximize your print management contract for better value and improved performance. Here's how:

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