5 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Leasing a Copier

leasing vs. buying

Debating on buying vs. leasing your office equipment? Check out these 5 questions and answers from our experts to understand the leasing process better.

Two Big Benefits of New Tax Law Regarding Office Equipment

Two Big Benefits of New Tax Law Regarding Office Equipment

The new tax law holds many benefits for small to mid-sized businesses from a reduction in the permanent corporate income tax rate to new bonus depreciation incentives. Here are two big benefits that can help your business if you are looking to purchase or have purchased office equipment this year.

Deduct New Office Equipment on Your Taxes with Section 179

Purchase new office equipment and save money with Section 179

How Can you Save? 

The end of the year is around the corner! If you have been thinking of replacing your old office equipment you may be eligible to reduce your current taxes if you act before December 31st. Section 179 lets you deduct the full cost of qualified office equipment you purchase this year. 

How Much Can you Save? 

Here is an example of how much you can save, on qualifying equipment and software based on a 35% tax rate:

Two Proven Solutions for Improving Document Security

document scanning

Sending a document almost anywhere, even several destinations at once is a relatively straightforward process thanks to advances in intelligent scanning technology. And with the latest security protocols, your documents are protected throughout the entire scanning process.

Is Your Print Spending Out of Control?

managed print

Unmanaged printing habits could be costing your Savannah, Tifton and Brunswick GA organization as much as 3% of annual revenues. If you don't know for certain where your print spend stands, those unknown costs could be hurting you.

Measuring your print spend is the first step in reducing unnecessary costs, but most companies don't have the time or the staff to give print the attention it deserves.

Where Do You Stand?

To find out if your business is suffering from out-of-control print spending, ask yourself these questions:

Choosing an Equipment Dealer? Here's Why Local is Better

copiers in GA & SC

When it's time to add a new copier to your lineup of office equipment, you've got more to consider than which device to choose. Choosing the right equipment dealer can make the difference between workflows that keep your business moving forward and those that do just the opposite.

Check out our list of tips for help finding a dealer whose best interest is putting is putting your company's best interest first.

Two Easy Mobile Device Printing Solutions

mobile printing

The rise in BYOD employees and remote workers is driving the increased need for secure mobile printing solutions for smartphones and tablets. Neither are difficult to obtain or use, and the only requirement is access to a wireless printer.

The Two Top Options

Setting up wireless printing for your staff's mobile devices is a quick and easy process. Here's a rundown of two of the most popular mobile printing solutions on the market today.

Increase Document Security Through Scanning

document scanning

There's a lot of talk lately about digital security vulnerabilities, but paper files are a lot more problematic.

Document Scanning Provides the Solution

1. The Problem With Paper

If you're thinking about sticking with paper files so you can keep your data "safe", you might want to reconsider. Here's why:

4 Can't-Miss Advantages of Managed Print Services

Savannah Printer Repair

You depend on your printers and copiers to keep business moving forward, so keeping them in good working order shouldn't be an afterthought. Managed Print Services is a proven solution for keeping your printers working so you can concentrate on growing your business. Here's how:

Need a New Copier? Try Leasing!

copier leasing

A new copier or multifunction printer may be just what your Brunswick GA and Albany GA business needs to ramp up productivity and save money. With new technologies emerging all the time, it's worth taking a look at the latest advances. If you're wondering whether there's room in the budget, leasing can be a good solution.

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