Industries Served

Industries Served

At Ashley’s Business Solutions, we pride ourselves on our customer-first approach to business. A big part of that approach involves understanding your particular needs.

We know that different clients have different demands, depending on their respective industries. Here are some examples of how Ashley’s can provide a solution for a company’s specific requirements.


Hospitals and other healthcare organizations must meet strict standards regarding information security. If documents such as patient records aren’t kept confidential, it could lead to loss of trust and business as well as legal penalties.

To make matters worse, patients themselves could be at risk if their sensitive information falls into the wrong hands. Simply misplacing important documents can have severe consequences for patients as well. This, in turn, can damage an organization’s reputation and business even further.

Ashley’s Business Solutions can help you manage and protect your information. Our multifunction copiers enable you to print and scan documents quickly and securely. Also, our Document Management Systems service can enhance your ability to capture, extract and organize crucial bits of data.

Ashley’s copiers, products and services may prove especially beneficial to customers that must meet HIPAA regulations, including the following:

  • HMOs
  • Pharmacies
  • Nursing homes
  • Companies that process medical claims
  • Law firms that represent medical organizations
  • Businesses that oversee health plans

Banking and Finance

To stay competitive and profitable, banks and other financial institutions need to manage their information effectively. Relying on hard copies can lead to mounting storage costs and office space issues. You also run the risk of losing or misplacing information. Not only can this negatively impact your efficiency and bottom line, but it can also have legal ramifications as well.

Ashley’s Business Solutions can help financial organizations keep their information organized and secure. Our scanners and copiers give you the ability to convert your paper documents to a variety of formats, reducing your reliance on physical storage. Our Document Management Solutions will enable you to extract scanned information and route it to different people and locations with optimal efficiency.

Furthermore, with Printer Management and Print Savings Review, you’ll be able to streamline your printing solution and cut down your toner, ink, and costs associated with your copiers. For more details, click the links.

To learn more about how Ashley’s products and services can benefit your industry, please contact us.