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Creating digital files from hardcopies and getting them where they need to go on your network can require multiple manual steps on your copier and computer. Using intelligent document scanning to capture, convert and route digital documents simplifies information management by allowing users to quickly, easily and securely share hardcopy information.

Organization and Output

  • Document Scanning to any location: document management systems; financial, CRM, ERP and legal applications; desktop; FTP sites; network folders; email; Cloud Storage; print and more
  • Multiple output options allow document scanning to several destinations at the same time.
  • Transform documents into searchable PDFs.
  • Use dynamic metadata for logical indexing and organization.

Document Scanning Handling and Productivity

  • Stay on top of paperwork and overcome information overload by making documents easy to find and share.
  • Protect critical information from loss to fire or flood.
  • Prevent important hardcopies from inadvertently getting thrown out or misfiled.

Security, Compliance and Tracking

  • Authenticate users at device to allow access.
  • Track and send notification emails after a document is saved to a destination.
  • Create an audit trail of document handling.
  • Ensure document scanning compliance in heavily regulated industries like banking, healthcare, government, legal and finance.

Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness

  • Eliminate wasting time, paper and toner to make copies to share with colleagues and customers.
  • Stop spending time manually at the copier, file cabinet, or computer filing documents.
  • Save on mailing costs by sending documents electronically instead of through the mail.

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