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5 Questions to Ask When Deciding on Leasing a Copier

Debating on buying vs. leasing your copiers and printers? Check out these 5 questions and answers from our experts to understand the leasing process better.

What are the benefits of leasing instead of buying?

Leasing will give you the option to write off 100% of the monthly payment as a business expense. Leasing will also give you an advantage when it comes to upgrading to the latest technology. Office equipment is ever-changing, so with leasing, you can upgrade to the newest technology at any time. Purchasing requires capital at each time of purchase. The amount of capital one has today, may not be the case 4-5 years from now when that machine needs to be replaced.

– Jeremy ChickAccount Executive for Valdosta, GA

How is service and support provided?

Service is provided by any of our 30 factory trained technicians. When there is a service-related issue the customer has the option to call and speak to a live service dispatcher or log into our customized service portal to place a service call. A local technician is then dispatched to the call. The technician also does preventative maintenance to avoid future problems or another callback. In addition, Ashley’s provides remote help desk support. Our help desk can log in to the device and change settings on the copier fix issues without having to send a technician out to the office.  Each technician has a company-owned vehicle that’s stocked with approximately $5,000 worth of parts for the equipment that matches his fleet of machines in their territory.

– Chelsea DozierAccount Executive for Central Georgia

Is training provided?

Training is provided at the time of delivery.  We make sure that key users are familiar with the normal operations of the device as well as any functions that may be specific to that office.  Users are also trained on the new print drivers that are available for their specific device.  The training is completed by showing the customer how to access our E-Info website. Ashley’s E-Info allows customers to place and track service calls, enter meter readings, order and track supply orders, view and print invoices, and request equipment to be moved to a new location. At any time after the install of the device if the customer needs additional training Ashely’s will send a representative out to assist their needs.

– JJ Sumner, Account Executive for Albany, GA

How does the billing process work?

When a customer leases a machine from Ashley’s they will receive a detailed breakdown of their expenses and can choose from monthly, quarterly, annual, and specialized billing. Ashley’s has the ability to customize billing by department codes for customers who request a breakdown of clicks from multiple devices or end-users. Payment can also be made through automatic back drafting and credit card.

– Zane B. HamiltonAccount Executive for Tifton, GA · Douglas, GA

What types of guarantees are offered?

When a customer places a service call we make sure their request is met quickly and professionally. Ashley’s average response time is 53 minutes. We guarantee a 4-hour maximum downtime response, or we will pay you $250! Ashley’s also offers a free loaner program and free replacement program if the issue can not be resolved.  If a customer needs to return their device for any reason they can give a 30-day notice at the end of the lease and we will remove the equipment at no cost.

– Chad TindellAccount Executive for Savannah, GA

Don’t hesitate to call us with questions: 800.677.4345. We look forward to partnering with you!

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