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We provide State-of-the-art Canon Wide Format Printers and HP Wide Format Printers to suit different business environments with a wide range of unique needs.  Our large format solutions are designed with speed, flexibility and quality in mind.  Are you an architectural firm in Brunswick seeking a solution with scanning capabilities for your schematics?  Perhaps you’re a graphic design house in Savannah looking for a color solution that will deliver exceptional quality?  For many industries, wide format printer and plotter solutions are an essential component to your business operations and document workflow.  Some of our wide format printers can also be configured as MFP devices with large format copying and scanning capabilities. This functionality becomes more important when you need to copy or scan large blueprints to be able to send digitally, enhancing your collaboration efforts both on and off-site. That ability comes in handy if you're on a job site and don't have the prints you need. All it takes is a simple phone call to your office, and one of your colleagues can immediately scan over the prints you need. 

Flexibility is also of the utmost importance when deciding which wide format printers are right for your operation. There are many factors to consider beyond just the size and color capabilities you may need. It's critical to find the device that will meet your needs tomorrow as well as today. We take a number of items into consideration before we make a recommendation. Each printer will come with different specifications, so you will want to speak with one of our solutions representatives to learn more.  Allow us to find a solution that will suit the environment that you are working in.


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