Finding the Right Mobile Printing Solution

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Your employees' mobile devices connect them to your company's files and business documents, improving productivity and collaboration. But what happens when a staff member needs to print documents to complete a project? Do you have a secure mobile printing solution that allows staff members to print sensitive material with any time/anywhere flexibility?

Do You Need a Dedicated Scanner?

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The fact that you're considering a scanner in the first place is probably a good indication that you could use one. If you're not certain, answering a few basic questions will help you make a decision.

Three Ways Managed Print Helps Reduce Waste

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Are you controlling your print environment or is it controlling you? With nearly 90% of businesses unsure how much they spend to print documents, it's difficult to gauge how much is wasteful and how much is mission-critical. One thing is certain; it doesn't make sense to ignore printing costs, especially when a solution is readily available to track them.

Does Your Copier Keep Pace With Your Demand?

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How long has it been since your copiers kept pace with your demand? Does it break down in the middle of critical projects? Are trips to the local copy shop becoming a frequent occurrence? Is your old copier missing some of the key features that would help your staff do a better job?

Whatever your situation, we think your business deserves the best copier for your growing requirements. Here's how to make sure you get exactly what you need:

Why You Need a Mobile Printing Solution

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Mobile printing is without a doubt one of the decade's leading technology game-changers. With knowledge workers no longer tied to a desktop computer for their document printing needs, businesses of all types and sizes are gaining real savings in both time and money.

If your company has yet to take advantage of mobile printing technology, read on to find out why you'll want to get on this, and soon.

Is it Time to Digitize Your Documents?

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If you're not taking proactive steps to keep your company's data safe from hackers and other unauthorized users, you should be. High-profile data breaches have become so common, that for most of us, attacks are inevitable. Whether we survive them or not has a lot to do with the daily decisions we make to protect our information, both personal and business-related.

Managed Print Services—Your Next Windfall

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If you're not sure what advantages to expect from Managed Print services, here's a start: Think of it as an unexpected windfall. With anticipated savings of over 25%, a windfall is exactly what Managed Print can be for your organization. Here are a few of the ways Managed Print can reduce equipment downtimes, AMP-up productivity, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

Finding the Right Printer—It's About More Than Just The Device

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You could own the most expensive digital press on the market and still not be happy with the results. The truth is, in today's highly-competitive environment, your device itself is only half of the equation. The rest has to do with service, experience, and a willingness to help your business succeed.

Have You Made the Move to Wireless Printing?

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If your employees aren't clamoring for a wireless printing option yet, they will be soon. The BYOD trend and a desire for more flexibility means employees are often the driving force behind mobile and wireless printing upgrades. Those employees are onto something good.

Five Tips to Maintain HIPAA Compliance During Printing

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Upgrading your multifunction printers, copiers, and scanners is a good step toward HIPAA compliance, but keep in mind that it's only a first step. Printing, storing, and document scanning security is up to you, and successful compliance has as much to do with your procedures and policies as your devices.

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