Two Proven Solutions for Improving Document Security

document scanning

Sending a document almost anywhere, even several destinations at once is a relatively straightforward process thanks to advances in intelligent document scanning technology. And with the latest security protocols, your documents are protected throughout the entire scanning process.

Even so, employees still regularly report seeing confidential information. How can this still be happening? The problem, it seems, occurs during the printing process. Read on to discover how you can make sure only authorized employees can see your company's confidential documents.

Location Matters

One efficient method for securing printed documents is to restrict physical access to your devices. Avoid placing a printer used for confidential documents in centralized locations like hallways or shared rooms easily accessible by large workgroups.

Today's document scanning technologies include authentications at the device before permitting access, and many printers have the same capabilities. By restricting access to the device, you can avoid some of the most common security pitfalls.

Try Pull Printing

Pull printing is a process that holds a document until it's released by the user, who must walk up to the printer to enable printing. Here's how it works:

  1. The user selects the desired printer and chooses PRINT from their computer or mobile device.
  2. Instead of automatically printing, the printer holds the document, awaiting further instructions.
  3. The user must be present at the selected printer to go through an authentication process, usually a PIN, smart card or other company-initiated security protocol.
  4. After the user's identity is verified, it's a simple matter of locating the print job to release the document for printing.

Internal document security is just one of the benefits of pull printing; compliance is another. Pull printing can prove to auditors that only authorized users had access to confidential documents during printing.

Another benefit includes reduced costs. Unclaimed documents left lying in print trays are a major source of wasted resources.

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