Two Easy Mobile Device Printing Solutions

mobile printing

The rise in BYOD employees and remote workers is driving the increased need for secure mobile printing solutions for smartphones and tablets. Neither are difficult to obtain or use, and the only requirement is access to a wireless printer.

The Two Top Options

Setting up wireless printing for your staff's mobile devices is a quick and easy process. Here's a rundown of two of the most popular mobile printing solutions on the market today.

Apple AirPrint

Apple's mobile printing solution is popular for a good reason. Their user-friendly products make it easy to print documents, photos, articles, and more directly from your iPhone or iPad.

  1. Select the SHARE icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Scroll through the available options and select the PRINT icon.
  3. Give your device a moment to discover the available AirPrint-enabled printers on your network. Select your preferred printer.
  4. Select the pages you wish to print and enter the number of copies.
  5. Touch PRINT and collect your documents from the print tray.

For printers that aren't AirPrint ready, the Apple iTunes store has a solution in the $4.99 PRINTER PRO app. You can try the free version first (PRINTER PRO-LITE) to make sure your printer is compatible with the software before making a purchase.


This easy-to-download app makes it easy to print from your Android Gallery, with no need to transfer documents to a computer before printing.

  1. Install CLOUD PRINT via the Google Play app store.
  2. Access your Android device's SETTINGS and choose from the list of Wifi printers shown.
  3. Select photos or images saved in your GALLERY.
  4. PRINT your documents and collect them from your CLOUD PRINT-enabled printer.

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