Postage Meters—They're Worth Every Penny!

Postage Meters

If your company is spending at least $200 a month on outgoing mail, you'll want to take a close look at the cost savings gained through renting or leasing postage meters. Saving time and money has never been simpler.

1. Save on Outgoing Mail Expenses

Are you spending more on postage than you realize? The total cost is more than just the price of stamps. From fuel for trips to the post office and related administrative costs, the expenses can add up quickly. Renting or leasing postage meters can deliver significant savings—up to 19% for Priority Mail and 36% on Express Mail, and that's just the beginning.

Improve Workplace Productivity

If your company sends out customer-facing promotional materials or other high-volume mailings, postage meters can put a dent in the amount of time spent on the entire process. Time-consuming processes that are usually done by hand can be automated, freeing office staff for mission-critical tasks.

Promote Your Brand

Since your mail is going out as a matter of course, why not use the opportunity to promote your business and your brand? Many postage meters allow for customized images, logos, and text, so why not take advantage of it?

  • Print your logo or business name along with your postage.
  • Promote an upcoming event on every envelope that goes out to customers.
  • Share news about an industry award or new partnership.
  • Let your customers know you're serious with professionally printed postage.
  • Use the networking capabilities on some postage meters to transfer your company's unique designs directly to your device.

Polish Your Image

From failed delivery to incorrect postage amounts, mailing errors are perceived as unprofessional by customers. Postage meters help to make a lasting good impression.

  • Lower your chance of failed deliveries.
  • Accurate weighing for the right postage amount, every time.
  • Reduced processing time.

To learn more ways postage meters can benefit your company, contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions today.

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