Managed Print Services—Your Next Windfall

managed printer repair

If you're not sure what advantages to expect from Managed Print services, here's a start: Think of it as an unexpected windfall. With anticipated savings of over 25%, a windfall is exactly what Managed Print can be for your organization. Here are a few of the ways Managed Print can reduce equipment downtimes, AMP-up productivity, and reduce costs—all at the same time.

An Eye-Opening Beginning

Assessing your current print environment and the associated costs is the first step toward customizing your savings plan. Here's what a typical assessment provides:

  • A complete inventory of your existing fleet of imaging equipment, including attachments, features, capabilities and typical usage.
  • Monthly print volumes for each device.
  • The total cost of ownership for each of your printers and copiers.
  • A study of your current print-related workflows.
  • Your current supply usage (paper, toner, ink, etc.)
  • A review of your device-to-employee ratio, including a location assessment.

The Customized Solutions Stage

An assessment won't do you much good without some practical problem-solving strategies to go along with it. An Ashley's Print Savings Review can help your organization gain a better understanding of your current printing costs while providing workable solutions to bring them under control. Here's how:

  • Access to expert technicians for fast printer repair service when issues arise.
  • Fast equipment installation to keep workflows moving.
  • Reduced downtimes, equipment failures, and supply shortages.
  • Access to the latest imaging technologies from Canon, HP, Lexmark, and Samsung.
  • Flexible document solutions for your unique business requirements.
  • Access to industry specialists to analyze your internal workflows and make product recommendations based on their findings.
  • Practical recommendations to reduce wasteful printing habits.
  • Solutions to convert paper-based systems to secure digital workflows.

To learn more about Ashley's Business Solutions and to AMP-up your workplace, get in touch with our team today!