Managed Print and Your Law Firm—A Perfect Partnership

Managed Print

It's no secret that the legal industry is awash in paper. Research shows that the typical business spends up to 3% of annual revenues on document printing, but only thirty percent of that figure represents device maintenance and toner costs. Where the remaining 70% goes is anyone's guess.

First, the Problem

From law firms to clothing retailers, most industries simply don't have the resources to manage and track their print infrastructure. With purchases and requests for service made across the organization by any number of individuals, real figures can be difficult to obtain. As a result, most companies are unaware that some serious cash is leaking from their organization. That's where Managed Print comes into play.

A Better Way Forward

Managed Print is a proven method for controlling print costs and ramping up overall business productivity. From improved document workflows to more cost-effective printing methods, the savings can be as much as 30%.

Here's how a Managed Print solution can help your law firm manage and control your print infrastructure.

The Initial Assessment

An audit and assessment of your print workflows and the environment is the first step toward a better understanding of your current situation. From documenting your technologies for improved workflows to uncovering your total cost of ownership and cost-per-page, the initial assessment provides a gold mine of data.

Adding Up the Benefits

After your assessment, a Managed Print Services Provider may recommend relocation of some or all of your devices for improved workflows. You'll also discover new tools for creating digital documents and workflows to reduce printing, tracking methods to improve client billing and departmental controls, and real solutions to enhance security and regulatory compliance.

Managed Print is a proven strategy for reigning in unmanaged print costs and taking back control of unwieldy workflows. Contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions for more information today!


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