Is it Time to Digitize Your Documents?

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If you're not taking proactive steps to keep your company's data safe from hackers and other unauthorized users, you should be. High-profile data breaches have become so common, that for most of us, attacks are inevitable. Whether we survive them or not has a lot to do with the daily decisions we make to protect our information, both personal and business-related.

The Problem With Paper

While many security breaches center around electronic data, paper-based processes aren't any better. In fact, paper files and the associated storage solutions are nearly impossible to protect and secure. Not only are they extremely vulnerable if a disaster like a flood and fire occurs, but there's also no workable solution to prevent unauthorized access. Here are some of the most common problems:

  • Paper files can't withstand natural disasters like fire or flood.
  • Paper documents are easily lost or misfiled, and the costs associated with locating and recreating them can be catastrophic.
  • Employees say they regularly see confidential correspondence and private human resources data when documents are left lying unattended in print trays.
  • Paper files are particularly vulnerable to theft, putting trade secrets, business plans, and confidential data at risk.

Document Scanning is the Solution

Scanners provide a low-cost solution to the inherent difficulties caused by paper documents. Scanning can help your organization create a secure digital filing solution that solves many of the problems associated with paper-dependent processes. Here are a few of the most attractive benefits:

  • Optical Character Recognition technology converts paper documents into searchable and editable PDF formats.
  • Fast and easy keyword searches means your documents can be located with just a few clicks.
  • Document Scanning solves the security issues caused by paper storage systems.
  • Digital documents take virtually no office space and cost next-to-nothing to store.

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