Intelligent Scanning for Financial Institutions

Intelligent Scanning, Financial Institutions

For financial institutions, effectively managing documents and the information they contain is critical to success. Paper-based processes can slow everything down and put sensitive information at risk. Your customers demand superior service, including security protocols that keep their information safe while allowing fast access to the information they need.

Intelligent document scanning helps financial institutions capture and convert information to secure digital files. The benefits are substantial.

Improved Document Organization

The slow process of shuffling paper from one desk to another is no longer necessary. Intelligent scanning allows financial institutions to convert paper documents to searchable and editable PDFs. Dynamic metadata delivers logical, intelligent indexing and organization to put information at your fingertips.

Improved Document Security

Electronic document management delivers the level of security that financial institutions are required to provide to their customers.

  • Keep unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.

  • Audit trails provide access to data during all phases of document handling.

  • Protect critical information from loss or natural disasters like floods or fires.

  • Stay on top of compliance mandates and prepare for audits.

Improved Sustainability

More and more financial institutions look at environmental sustainability as a business imperative. Paper processes use precious resources like trees, energy, oil, and water.

  • Sharing digital documents with clients and colleagues eliminates the need to use paper and toner.

  • Replace paper-heavy mailing processes with electronic statements, billing processes, and secure customer portals.

  • Clients and business partners often respond in kind when financial institutions initiate paperless processes.

Improved Cost Savings

The time spent creating and filing paper documents is an expense your financial institution doesn't need.

  • Replace paper-heavy processes with streamlined electronic workflows.

  • Stop wasting time on manual document filing.

  • Reclaim the space previously allocated for paper file storage.

  • Cut back on costs incurred through mailing processes.

  • Eliminate the time spent recreating lost or misfiled paper documents.

To learn more ways intelligent scanning and document management can improve the way your financial institution does business, contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions today!

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