Increase Document Security Through Scanning

document scanning

There's a lot of talk lately about digital security vulnerabilities, but paper files are a lot more problematic.

Document Scanning Provides the Solution

1. The Problem With Paper

If you're thinking about sticking with paper files so you can keep your data "safe", you might want to reconsider. Here's why:

  • Secure paper storage? Unless your documents are hanging out at Fort Knox, there's no sure way to keep them safe, and trying to do so can be cost-prohibitive. For starters, you'll need a secure storage space with a line-up of fireproof filing cabinets with locks and keys. You'll also need to add security cameras, alarms, and possibly even a few security guards to keep things really safe.

  • Did you see that? Let's say your paper storage system is as a secure as humanly possible—what happens when your documents are in transit? Employees regularly report seeing sensitive information without meaning to do so. Document misfiling and accidental loss is also problematic when it comes to security.

2. The Scanning Solution

Digitizing your documents delivers a host of benefits, including lower costs, improved productivity, and enhanced document security. Here's how sound document scanning processes can help you keep security threats to a minimum:

  • Audit trails keep track of who opened a document and access controls limit who can see sensitive information.
  • Version controls show changes made throughout the lifetime of a document.
  • Data encryption during the scanning process keeps data safe when shared over your network.
  • Optical character recognition reduces exposure to sensitive data by staff members.

With the right document scanning procedures in place and a trusted partner, you can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your information is secure. For more information about our customized document and technology solutions designed to fit your company's unique requirements, contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions today!