Do You Need a Dedicated Scanner?

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The fact that you're considering a scanner in the first place is probably a good indication that you could use one. If you're not certain, answering a few basic questions will help you make a decision.

  1. Do employees frequently have to wait to use your copier because it's tied up for scanning purposes?
  2. Are large scanning jobs using up memory on your multifunction printer?
  3. What are your daily scanning volumes?
  4. Would a dual-sided document scanning feature help speed up your workflows?
  5. Do you need to scan oddly sized or fragile documents on a regular basis?
  6. Do you need a network scanner to help you get hard-copy documents into a document management program?

Benefits of a Scanner

A scanner can offer some advantages over a copier with scanning capabilities. Even though some of the features may overlap, if you need to scan frequently or have more than a few pages per day to scan, a dedicated scanner can help improve productivity and save time.

  • Time-saving features: Some scanners include dual-sided scanning and can also detect blank pages. These scanners omit blank pages and offer single-pass scanning, both of which save time.
  • Size detection features: For departments that handle documents of varying sizes, auto-size detection is a real benefit. Accounts payable departments typically have a need to scan receipts and invoices that vary in size. Scanners that can detect this will crop the image to size and omit the black space, saving considerable space on hard drives.
  • Color drop-out features: There's no need to take up hard drive space with unnecessary color. Color drop-out features eliminate color, making documents easier to read and freeing up space.

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