Choosing an Equipment Dealer? Here's Why Local is Better

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When it's time to add a new copier to your lineup of office equipment, you've got more to consider than which device to choose. Choosing the right equipment dealer can make the difference between workflows that keep your business moving forward and those that do just the opposite.

Check out our list of tips for help finding a dealer whose best interest is putting is putting your company's best interest first.

The Non-Negotiables

A quick online search for a new copier will deliver a list of possibilities in just seconds, but how do you know which dealer to trust?

1. Location, Location, Location

A local dealer with a long-standing reputation for delivering superior customer service may be hard to find, but the search is worth every minute. As a part of your community, their reputation is as important to them as yours is to you. You might find a low sticker price for your next copier through an online source, but if the dealership is out of the area (or even out of the country), they won't be able to provide the local, customized service you need.

2. Speaking of Service

A local independent office equipment dealer can respond quickly to your service needs. They'll check in on you periodically just to see how things are going and will offer training, so you get the most from your equipment. If you're tired of automated systems that put you on hold forever, then you know the value of fast, friendly service provided by a local and familiar face.

3. A Friend at the Warehouse

You could call an 800 number and get parts for your copier from a supplier on the other side of the country, but why wait? Ashley's Business Solutions stocks a million dollar parts inventory in your local area. How's that for fast service?

To discover how partnering with a local independent dealer can help your company succeed, contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions today!