5 Tips for Achieving a Paperless Office

Paperless Office, IT Department

As an IT department, your skills and knowledge are vital to your organization's success. One of the most valuable ways you can help your company improve productivity is by encouraging staff members to embrace the paperless office procedures. Showing employees how to replace paper documents with electronic versions is just the beginning.

Creating the Paperless Office

For many companies, the paperless office seems like a nearly impossible goal that's still a long way in the future. The fact is, the paperless office isn't a one-step process. Embracing simple changes are the most efficient way for your IT department to sell the concept of the paperless office to staff members. Here are just a few ideas:

  1. Retire those desktop printers. When desktop printers are close at hand, it's too easy to print without thinking. Replacing low-end desktop printers with centrally located, high-volume printers is an easy way to keep frivolous printing at bay.
  2. Begin tracking all print volumes. Tracking print volumes is an effective deterrent for all concerned, but only if everyone is privy to the data you've gathered. Make it simple by printing out a monthly report and emailing everyone a copy, then sit back and watch print volumes plummet.
  3. Get comfortable with electronic signatures. Do away with physical signatures for contracts and approval processes, both internally and for external clients. E-signatures are just as legally binding as physical signing.
  4. Take full advantage of multifunction printers. Your organization's multifunction printers have built-in scanning and document management capabilities that can turn paper-heavy processes into streamlined digital workflows. Use them to their full potential to make the paperless office a reality.
  5. Try dual monitor setups. Dual or multi-screen workstations make it easier for employees to cross-reference documents, eliminating the need for printing.

The paperless office is within your company's grasp, and as an IT department, you may just hold the key to its success. Contact us at Ashley's Business Solutions for more ways to achieve the paperless office and maximize productivity across your organization!


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