4 Can't-Miss Advantages of Managed Print Services

Savannah Printer Repair

You depend on your printers and copiers to keep business moving forward, so keeping them in good working order shouldn't be an afterthought. Managed Print Services is a proven solution for keeping your printers working so you can concentrate on growing your business. Here's how:

1. The Best Printer for the Job at Hand

How can you know which printers are the best fit for your company? Over-buying is just as problematic as under-buying, and everyone in the industry thinks their device is the best the market has to offer. Managed Print experts can eliminate the guesswork by helping you build a print infrastructure that's perfect for your company's needs.

2. Free Up Your IT Team

With up to 40% of helpdesk calls originating from printer-related issues, your IT team could use a break. A Managed Print partnership means your company gains access to industry-trained service technicians with just one job to do—keeping your printers in top operating condition. And with no paper jams, blinking lights, and mysterious error codes to deal with, your IT team can get back to the job you hired them to do.

3. Too Much Toner (Or Too Little)

It may not seem like a big deal, but the steady drip, drip of toner hassles can wear down even the most patient office manager. With Ashley's Managed Print, toner hassles are no longer a problem. You can stop worrying about bulging (or empty) supply closets, disreputable toner pirates, and emergency trips to big box office supply stores.

4. Put A Stop To Waste

The average office worker churns out 10,000 copies every year; that's a lot of paper—and a lot of money. Managed Print experts can provide you with the metrics you need to know exactly how much your staff prints and what to do to cut back.

To learn how Ashley's Managed Print can help your business succeed, contact us for more information today!